The Comprehensive Guide to Selling Notion Templates

Why Sell Notion Templates In an increasingly digital world, Notion templates offer a great way to streamline work and personal life. They are customizable, easy to use, and highly versatile. Selling Notion templates can be a lucrative venture as more people seek efficient ways to organize their digital space. Creating Notion Templates Creating Notion templates […]

How To Check Word Count in Notion

If you are a student, writer, or someone aiming to cultivate a consistent writing practice, monitoring the number of words you write can be quite useful. In this guide, we demonstrate an easy method to swiftly check the word count of a page within Notion. Notion, at the time of writing this guide, does not […]

How To Lock Pages In Notion

Notion stands out as a robust note-taking application, widely used for storing various types of information. It’s user-friendly and boasts several features that give it an edge over its competitors. One such distinguishing feature is the ability to lock pages. The function of locking pages is to inhibit modifications to a document until it is […]

Time Blocking With Notion

Unleashing the Advantages of Time Blocking Time blocking stands as an exceptionally effective method for managing all the tasks you must tackle within a week. This technique doesn’t just help you keep track of everything you need to do; it also aids in balancing your work life, personal life, and other responsibilities, ensuring you have […]

How To Change BackGround Colour in Notion

Seeking to liven up your Notion app notes and give them an appealing aesthetic? Whether your goal is to personalize your workspace or simply infuse a burst of vibrancy, the feature we’re about to explore can help you customize Notion to your liking. In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to delve into the steps on […]

How To Center Text in Notion

If you’ve ever attempted to center align text in Notion, you’ve likely discovered that it’s not as straightforward as just clicking a center align button. This is because, at this time, a text alignment option is not available within Notion. A large number of us utilize Notion for a wide range of purposes, from simple […]

How To Undo In Notion

When working on content, making modifications, or changing our workspace, it’s quite common to make mistakes. Continually correcting these errors by backspacing or erasing can be a tiresome process. With this in mind, Notion provides an easier and far more straightforward alternative. UNDO is that alternative. In this article, we delve into how to execute […]

How To Add Spotify Playlist to Notion: A Quick Guide

If you’re curious about whether you can add a Spotify playlist to Notion, and if it’s possible, how you could do it, this comprehensive guide is precisely what you need. When it comes to making your Notion aesthetic or journal templates more intimate and personal, one of the most exciting features you can’t afford to […]

Notion Dark Mode: How To Enable Dark Mode On Macbook, Iphone & PC

Are your eyes feeling the fatigue from using Notion? Are you considering a switch to the Notion dark theme? This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to activate dark mode on Notion’s web, desktop, and mobile applications. With a few simple steps, you can transform your Notion workspace into a darker, more relaxing environment […]

Notion Cover Images: Cover Image Size & Banner Dimensions

Are you on the hunt for the best Notion cover photos to enhance the aesthetics of your workspace? Are you interested in learning about the ideal cover image size to use on your Notion page? When it comes to designing your Notion workspace, choosing the right cover image plays a significant role in helping your […]