Our Objective

We aim to create a comprehensive UGC (User Generated Content) Creator course and membership program, with the goal of onboarding 1000 UGC Creators by the end of the year.

As a co-founder of and the UGC creator community, my specialty lies in algorithm growth hacking and Notion AI expertise. We made a strategic decision to utilize Notion AI for generating the majority of our course content. This approach was instrumental in curating and enriching the course material, thereby enhancing the user experience and engagement with minimal resources.

Using AI to generate course content

Notion AI was essential for curating our course content and attracting users. It enabled the creation of UGC tutorials, outreach templates, digital downloads, and media kit templates with ease.

Our General AI Prompts:

After generating the content, we share the templates on our community for the creators to use them.

Our Marketing Strategy:

A notable part of the strategy was the use of TikTok, a social media platform with high user engagement. UGC creators were able to effectively leverage this platform to promote the course and attract more members.

The case shows the effective use of AI and social media in growing a community and promoting a course. It demonstrates how collaboration and the right use of platforms can lead to the achievement of set goals.

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