If you’ve ever attempted to center align text in Notion, you’ve likely discovered that it’s not as straightforward as just clicking a center align button. This is because, at this time, a text alignment option is not available within Notion.

A large number of us utilize Notion for a wide range of purposes, from simple note-taking to more complex tasks such as constructing websites. While it is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool, there are some features that it currently lacks.

One such missing feature is the option to center align text. Despite this, there are some alternative methods available to achieve this. In this article, we are going to thoroughly examine these workarounds.

2 Methods On How To Center & Align Text in Notion

By default, all content within Notion is aligned to the left. However, until Notion integrates a center alignment feature into its native editor, there are a couple of ways you can center align your content.

The first workaround is quite straightforward, but it only functions for heading blocks. Begin by adding any of the heading blocks to your page, then position your cursor at the start of the heading text and start pressing the space bar until your text appears to be centered.

A second method involves utilizing the equation block and a LaTex formula. To start, add an equation block by clicking the “+” icon on the left side of a new line, then select “Block Equation” from the dropdown blocks menu.

Alternatively, you can use the “/” shortcut followed by the name of the block (Equation Block) to swiftly add it to your page.

Then, input the following code into the equation block: \\\\text {your text here}. You should replace the text within the brackets with the text you wish to center align.

After you’ve done this, simply hit enter and your text will be beautifully center aligned!

This same formula can also be applied to headings. Just replace the word “text” in the formula \\\\text {your text here} with “huge” or “large”. For example, you could use \\\\large {your text here} for medium-sized headings and \\\\huge {your text here} for larger headings.

Moreover, you can employ the LaTex formula to use custom fonts within Notion.

And that’s it! With these two creative workarounds, you can successfully center align text in Notion until the feature is officially incorporated into the editor.

How To Justify Text in Notion?

Regrettably, it is not feasible to justify text in Notion. The app does not currently have the option available to enable this, so users cannot make their text appear neat and uniformly aligned.

Other word processing applications, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, do offer this text justification feature, but it’s unfortunately not included in Notion at this time.

How To Highlight Text in Notion?

Contrary to center align and justification, Notion does provide an option to highlight text. We have already composed an in-depth article on this topic that you can check out to learn more.

Final Thoughts: How To Center Align Text in Notion

Using center alignment in Notion is a simple yet effective technique to make your documents appear neat, tidy, and well-organized. Regrettably, a text alignment option is not currently available within Notion.

However, by employing the two workarounds mentioned in this article, you can center align both the text and the headings in your documents until Notion officially introduces this feature.

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