Notion stands out as a robust note-taking application, widely used for storing various types of information. It’s user-friendly and boasts several features that give it an edge over its competitors. One such distinguishing feature is the ability to lock pages.

The function of locking pages is to inhibit modifications to a document until it is unlocked. This attribute is particularly beneficial when it comes to preserving crucial information or averting unintended edits.

The process allows you to lock individual pages, and once they are locked, editing is impossible unless you unlock them.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of utilizing this feature to safeguard your information.

The Benefits of Locking Pages in Notion

Locking pages in Notion offers several advantages, especially when collaborating as part of a team.

This feature presents an uncomplicated and efficient approach to securing data on your Notion page. When a page houses significant information, you can lock it, thereby preventing other users from editing or deleting the page.

With an understanding of why you might want to lock pages in Notion, let’s delve into the actual procedure.

Locking Pages in Notion: A Simple 3-Step Process

Inside a database, you can lock any page to prevent changes from being made to it. This differs from ‘locking a database’, where you restrict modifications to database properties.

Locking a page in Notion is a straightforward three-step process. Here’s how to go about it after opening the page that you wish to lock.

  1. Locate the three dots at the top right-hand side of your screen on your page. Clicking on these will trigger a popup menu to appear.
  2. Within the menu, you’ll find the ‘Lock Page’ option. Selecting this will lock your page content, barring others from making changes to it.

Notion then places a lock icon at the top of the page, signaling whether the page has been locked. This icon is visible to both the admin and users without permission.

And that’s it! Explore our site for more such comprehensive Notion guides. You can also discover inventive Notion templates to support your quest for enhanced organization and productivity.

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