Are you on the hunt for the best Notion cover photos to enhance the aesthetics of your workspace? Are you interested in learning about the ideal cover image size to use on your Notion page?

When it comes to designing your Notion workspace, choosing the right cover image plays a significant role in helping your Notion templates to stand apart from the masses. However, here’s a challenge: locating the right Notion cover image can sometimes feel akin to solving a Rubik’s cube in pitch darkness.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the best Notion header image packs meticulously curated for creating visually stunning Notion pages. We’ll also disclose the ideal cover image sizes for your Notion page, ensuring they look appealing on any device you choose to use.

But before we delve into exploring the best Notion cover images, let’s first focus on understanding the correct size to use for the Notion cover image.

Recommended Notion Cover Image Sizes

To make sure your Notion workspace looks its absolute best, it’s essential to use the appropriate cover image sizes. Let’s examine the recommended dimensions and aspect ratios for different devices. This will enable you to effortlessly create visually appealing workspaces that leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

Notion Cover Images Size on the Web

For screen sizes typical of laptops and desktops, the ideal header image size is 1545px by 300px when the sidebar is visible.

When you conceal your sidebar, the dimensions adjust to 1800px by 300px. This size is most suitable for creating custom cover banners or visuals that align with your theme on broader screens.

Should you have an ultra-wide screen, it might be advantageous to increase the width of your cover image by 2x or 3x, depending on the resolution of your screen, for a more visually appealing experience.

When utilizing a cover size of 1545px by 300px for Notion on the web, it is likely that a few details might end up being cut out. For instance, if your cover image has specific informational content, such as a study timetable, it’s probable that some of the data will be cropped due to the presence of the profile picture. In order to overcome this challenge, you can refer to a highly informative video tutorial on how to create the perfect Notion cover image by Notion for Teachers.

If you have some information that you want to be clearly visible in your Notion cover image, a recommended strategy would be to position it within dimensions of 1150px by 190px derived from the overall 1545px by 300px cover image. This particular dimension of the cover image is easily visible on the cover without any cropping happening on the web browser, thus ensuring that your important information is properly displayed.

Notion Header Size for iPad and Tablet Devices

The size of the Notion header changes depending on the device you’re using. Specifically, when accessing Notion on an iPad device, the application automatically crops the sides of the cover image that would typically be visible in the desktop version. This cropping could potentially remove critical information or distort the meaning of your cover image.

To avoid this, there are two possible solutions you can consider: The first method is to utilize a canvas size of 1545px by 300px for your cover image, and then position the main part of your header image within an exact proportion of 1150px by 190px. This specific area of the image will be displayed without any cropping across all ideal devices such as a desktop, iPad, or smartphone.

Alternatively, the second solution is to tailor your header or cover image to fit perfectly within the Notion-supported iPad header area. To achieve this, you would resize your image to the recommended dimensions of 1150px by 300px. Using these specific dimensions, you can ensure your Notion cover image will appear perfectly fitted and fully visible when viewed on iPad devices.

Notion Cover Images Size for Smartphones

Notion applies cropping to the sides of your cover image when viewed on smartphone devices, such as Androids or iPhones. This is different from an iPad, where exact dimensions for optimal viewing can be specified. The main challenge with smartphones is that there are no set dimensions to follow since mobile devices come in a wide array of different resolutions.

To illustrate this, consider the size differences between an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 13. These two models vary significantly in terms of their screen dimensions. Furthermore, an iPhone 13 Mini also shows a substantial deviation from the dimensions of the iPhone 6s. This situation is similar across the spectrum of Android and iOS devices, all of which have their unique screen resolutions.

So, the question arises, what size guidelines should one follow for the header or cover image when it’s being viewed on a smartphone?

For optimal viewing on most smartphone devices, it is recommended to position the crucial information within specific dimensions. For pages without an icon, the ideal dimensions are 585px by 300px. Conversely, for pages that include an icon, the recommended dimensions are 585px by 190px. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that your important information is adequately displayed on a variety of smartphone screens.

Now that we know the correct size to create custom Notion covers, let’s look at some of the Notion cover packs available.

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