Seeking to liven up your Notion app notes and give them an appealing aesthetic? Whether your goal is to personalize your workspace or simply infuse a burst of vibrancy, the feature we’re about to explore can help you customize Notion to your liking.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to delve into the steps on adjusting the background color in Notion, and also offer tips on tailoring the color to suit your preferences.

What’s the Possibility of Changing the Background Color of a Notion Page?

At present, Notion doesn’t allow you to modify the background color of a page. However, it does provide the capability to change the color of individual blocks. This ability enhances the attractiveness of your page, preventing it from looking oddly colored and harsh on the eyes.

Additionally, Notion offers a dark mode throughout the app, dimming the page’s background for a more comfortable visual experience.

The Process of Changing Background Color in Notion

Notion is a versatile platform, compatible with various devices (desktop/web, Android, and iOS). Consequently, the process of altering the background color of blocks may differ slightly across these platforms. Let’s discuss the steps for each platform in depth.

Modifying the Background Color in Notion on a Desktop/PC

The interface of the Notion desktop app bears a striking resemblance to the web version. Here, we’ll guide you through the steps for the desktop app on Windows, although these would be similar on MacOS or the web version.

Initiate the process by launching the Notion app and navigating to the page where you wish to alter the color. Upon landing on the page, position your cursor over the block whose color you intend to modify. It’s important to note that the background color application option is only available for all basic and inline blocks.

Hovering your cursor over the block will reveal a multi-dotted option. Upon clicking this, a menu will appear where you need to find the “Color” option. This action will open a new menu with two sections: “Color” and “Background”. The “Color” options facilitate text color modification, while the Background options allow you to alter the block background color.

In this menu, navigate to the Background section and select the color you wish to apply to the block.

Adjusting the Background Color in Notion on the Android App

For those using the Notion app on an Android phone, the steps will differ slightly due to the unique interface. Launch the app and navigate to the page where you want to change the block’s background color. Tap on the block and a toolbar will appear at the bottom of your phone screen. Now, tap on the letter “A” encased in a square.

Upon tapping this, you will see a “Colour” and “Background” menu. Scroll down to the Background section where you’ll find a color range similar to those on the desktop and web. Choose your preferred color, and the block’s background color will adjust accordingly. You’ll need to repeat this process for each block you wish to recolor.

Modifying the Background Color in Notion on the iPhone App

For iPhone user, the process is almost identical to Android, with only the interface differing slightly. First, open the app on your iPhone and navigate to the page where you’d like to apply a background color. Tap on any block to display a toolbar at the bottom, and then tap on the “A” icon enclosed in a square. A color menu will appear from which you can select a color of your choice.

Voila! You now possess the know-how to change the background color of a block in Notion on desktop/web, Android, and iOS.

How To Enable Dark Mode in Notion

Dark Mode is a widely embraced feature that allows users to modify the color scheme of their device or application to a darker, more subdued palette. This is especially helpful in making the screen less stressful on the eyes at night.

Notion also includes this feature, enabling you to set the dark mode as the default mode or align it with the system settings.

Wrapping Up: Changing Background Color on Notion

Customizing Notion with a unique background color for each block is an excellent method to enhance your workspace’s aesthetic appeal and vibrancy. We trust that this article will empower you to take total control of your Notion workspace’s design and customize it to your heart’s content!

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