If you are a student, writer, or someone aiming to cultivate a consistent writing practice, monitoring the number of words you write can be quite useful. In this guide, we demonstrate an easy method to swiftly check the word count of a page within Notion.

Notion, at the time of writing this guide, does not have a word count property in its database that can automatically calculate the total number of words used on a page. But don’t worry, if you wish to know the total word count on a page, there’s a simple way to do so.

How To Check Word Count in Notion [On app]

Notion has a built-in word count tracker which is, unfortunately, somewhat hidden within the menu often referred to as the ‘hamburger menu’. This word count tracker is quite basic and merely shows you the total number of words on a page. It does not provide the word count of a specific section of text in your document when you highlight it.

To access the word count of a page in Notion, you must click on the hamburger menu which is located at the top right. Once you’ve opened this menu, you have to navigate down to the bottom where you’ll find the Notion word count listed.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive word tracker, you could consider using the Word Counter Plus chrome extension plugin on the Notion web interface. This plugin allows you to see the word count of highlighted words as well as other relevant statistics.

Word Counter with

With the new feature, you can request the AI to check how many words you have left on your page, just type in any prompt surrounding the term ‘word counter’

This concludes our brief guide. We hope you found it beneficial and if so, kindly consider sharing it on social media. There are also numerous other Notion guides available that might help enhance your skills.

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