When working on content, making modifications, or changing our workspace, it’s quite common to make mistakes. Continually correcting these errors by backspacing or erasing can be a tiresome process.

With this in mind, Notion provides an easier and far more straightforward alternative.

UNDO is that alternative. In this article, we delve into how to execute the undo function in Notion through a series of simple steps.

What Does Undo in Notion Do?

Notion facilitates a user-friendly task management environment to support users in their everyday tasks. At times, while operating in the workspace, you might find the need to revert one step back in your recent history.

The Undo function enables you to rectify or modify errors you made just moments ago.

Having highlighted that, it’s essential to comprehend what page history is.

What Exactly Is Notion’s Page History?

Page history proves to be a valuable tool when you lose track of your edits. Every action you execute in Notion is stored and recorded in the page history.

If you desire to review the most recent modifications made by you or a team member, page history is your go-to option. Page history not only keeps a record of your work but also logs the time and dates when changes or edits were made.

Next, we will explore how to effortlessly undo in Notion.

How Can You Undo in Notion: Keyword Shortcut

Undoing is a piece of cake. Simply adhere to the steps provided below or utilize the given shortcuts.

For Mac Users: The most straightforward method on Mac is by hitting CMD + Z (⌘+Z)

For iOS Users:** Shake your iPhone back and forth and select the Undo option.

For Windows Users: You merely press CTRL+Z.

For Android Users:** On select Android devices, you can swipe from right to left across the keyboard with two fingers. If that doesn’t work, refer to the following steps.

How to Redo Changes in Notion

You can conveniently redo the most recent changes on each device by using the following shortcuts:

On an Android device, you can find the redo function in the same menu, just beneath the Undo option.

Conclusion: How to Undo in Notion

And there you have it! You should now comprehend how intuitive and straightforward Notion is to use. We hope this article proves helpful in resolving your issues and enhances your workspace experience.

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